App development key partner: R-Style Lab.


R-Style Lab is the only pre-qualified native app, cross-platform apps, web, IoT and SaaS key developer partner established.
When asking this app development company that knows the pros & cons about all the leading app platforms,
they will impartially suggest the best choice for your concept and startup. They are unbiased hence platform choices.
R-Style Lab HQ is located in San Francisco, CA and the development department located in Minsk,
with happy clients all over the world.
Call or send your request or inquiry for app development via the One Greater App contact form!

High quality small, medium or large developer team.

The development team will be selected for your project among a talented and experienced pool of 120+ developers.
Depending on the nature of your concept, scope, time and budget, the development team will be staffed
with high quality small, medium or larger team.
For your convenience, you will only have one main contact person at R-Style Lab during the project.
R-Style Lab provide a project manager who communicate directly with you, to avoid communication mess.
Every project get their dedicated tech lead, QA and launch responsible to ensure a smooth process with quality.
If desirable One Greater App can provide project coordination services (Additional fee) to ensure transfering the
existing planning knowledge and planned features are beeing understandable and actionable.
Leave the tech stuff to others. Project status meetings via Skype, collaboration via

Starting at just $36 per hour.

There is a difference between app development for $5 and $150 per hour.
The cheapest offerings out there, mainly are from freelancers or small companies.
The benefits of choosing nearshoring and R-Style Lab, are tapping into a much bigger knowledge pool.
The modern project methods (SCRUM/Agile), development & cross-platform tools, collaboration (Jira, Trello) are taken care of.
When a challenge or bugfixing problem is discovered they can if needed ask 119 internal developers for the best solution.
That also means high quality of methods, Risk Management, project continuity, QA and testing tools and routines.
Hourly rates from $36 and optional fixed-priced project depending on your requirements, time and budgets.

Big ideas demands international experience.

Big ideas with big potential mean looking outside your region or country.
As part of the concept-development, assessing a wider or global market potential is obligatory.
Using an app development company with international experience is crucial for market expansion and optimal for app startups with a “digital born global” vision.
R-Style Lab also offer research services and R&D services with experienced staff with both
Master and PHD degrees.
These premium add-on services can be used as parts of building your app startups competitive advantages.

Knowing the typical app startup demands.

Using an app development company with great experience in helping many different app, web and SaaS startups, will gain your project.
Many app development companies are doing development for startups as “side projects” favoring more profitable or established customers.
R-Style Lab want to include startups on a regular basis, as this is where the radical innovations and new learning happens.
Knowing the typical app startup demands and challenges from earlier projects,
R-Style Lab will provide valuable knowledge for your startup project.

Every startup deserves the best start possible.

When using the One Greater App services before actual app development begins,
you will reduce the risk for misunderstanding initial concept description, feature plans or specs.
This way you don’t need to be tech savvy or have your own app developer in place to proceed.
As an associated partner of R-Style Lab, we can deliver everything needed from creative thinking to launch, and beyond.
We acknowledge that every startup deserves the best possible start.

What happens after launch?

The first days and weeks after a new app launch are crucial.
The better planned your launch is, the higher potential for successful speed of user adoption.
While planning the app before launch is served by the One Greater App services,
R-Style Lab always offer their customers a range of services after launch:
Product-Life-Cycle Management, app marketing, In-App ad optimization, App Store Optimization (ASO), support and bugfixing.
These services are always offered before launch and are parts of the initial proposal.
App startups should never be stucked alone after launch. If you succeed, we succeed.
Learn more about app development processes and testimonials from R-Style Lab.