App startup course 1: How to plan for and realize your app idea?

(Norwegian page version)

Do you have an exciting app idea? Great!
Do you know how to develop your idea to the next level? Not sure?
Let’s get your app idea off the ground!

Course title: Introduction course for early stage app entrepreneurs {Course 1}.

If you don’t have created an app before, this course will give you invaluable insights.
The course will give you solid overview about what it takes to work as smart as possible from an early stage.
The course will be presented in Norwegian language, with english texted slides to introduce international app industry
standards and key topics, and for including english spoken attendees.
If you want a course with english verbal presentation, send a request for it using the webform below!

Campaign price: NOK 2.500,- per attendee excl. VAT.

Are you already a team? Get 30% off for all attendees. Students also gets 30% off.
If you are member of: CWI/M:6 Moss, Start NMBU, Ungt Entreprenørskap or MESH you get 30% off.
This course is an introduction course to give you at the idea stage broad knowledge to develop your idea further.
If you have the insights similar to course 1, maybe the next stage course 2 is more fitted: How to increase your app innovation value & potential?

Course content:


    1. What determines the app markets?
      1. What is crucial to know? What are the main differences between consumer and business apps?
      2. What can you learn from others typical failures to avoid the same exact failures?
      3. Why the importancy of identify motivation, vision, concept, team, user-value in an early stage?
      4. Q&A and discussions.
    2. What is smart to focus on from idea stage to launch?
      1. Exploring market potential: Big market or niche? Total Available Market? (TAM) Your Serviceable Obtainable Market? (SOM)
      2. Exploring innovation value & user-value and benefits.
      3. How to make money? How to choose between: Free, Paid, Freemium or subscription? Why cross-selling, up-selling and bundling?
      4. App marketing: {In-app ads, ad networks, digital marketing & branding}
      5. Q&A and discussions.
    3. Value-centric & MVP focused concept development {User-centric pains & gains}
      1. Value-centric concept development & testing methods {With feedback from target users}
      2. App prototyping: functions, content and Value-centric feature planning & prioritization {Tips & tricks}
      3. Proof-Of-Concept assessment methods {Including external evaluation}
      4. App strategy: Why & how to design strategies for:

app innovations, app business & revenue models, price & cost models, Product-Life-Cycles, digital marketing & branding.

  • App development: How & why choose or mix between; iOS, Android, Windows or HTML5 apps? How to scale?
  • How to stand out in the crowd of app startups? What does investors ask for?
  • Q&A and discussions.
  • Kahoot: What have you learned today? Game on!


Location: Vingparken Konferansesenter. Høyda, Moss. Next date: Soon release! Time: 17.00 to 20.00.

3 hours {3 sections à 45 minutes + breaks with mingling.}

Course level: Adapted content for your idea stage.

Needed existing knowledge: None. Just bring your idea with you!
Course hand-outs: Included.

Foodie? You will early on get a tasty bite from the restaurant Ro.

Food & coffee included in the price.

Course leader: Rune Haugestad {Digital Innovation Strategist // Web & Apps}.

Rune has delivered many courses, WorkShops and key notes across 15 years.
He easily share the passion of aspiring app entrepreneurs, and like to create engagement and motivation for the attendees.
Rune holds a Master degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2015), specialized within software development & Innovation Management, and Master thesis theme within innovation strategies for apps and app startups.

Order your seat via the webform.

Next stage course 2: How to increase your app innovation value & potential?