App startup course 2: How to increase your app innovation value & potential?

(Norwegian page version)
Are you in need of learning more about concept & strategy development for your app? Great!
Do you know how to develop strategies for; app innovations, business, digital marketing & branding? Not sure?
Let’s get your app startup loaded with strategic tools to differentiate through innovation!
Let’s reduce app startup uncertainty and explore your potential with the art of questioning instead of generating solutions first.
Learn how Value-centric concept development & innovation strategies can empower your app and startup.
Let’s value innovate your app.

Course title: Value-centric concept development & strategies for app startups {Course 2}.

If you don’t have created strategies for a digital startup or an app before, this course will give you invaluable insights.
The course will give you solid overview about why and how to use strategies as essensial tools to raise the odds.
The course focus on the concept-development process, additionally presenting a mashup of smart frameworks to streamline strategies for;
innovation, differentiation, uniqueness, business & revenue stream planning, digital marketing & branding.
The presented topics are based on a mashup of the following frameworks;
Value Innovation & Blue Ocean Strategy, Design Thinking for Business, Transient Advantage, Creative Disruption,
Business Model Generation Canvas, Value Proposition Canvas, LEAN MVP and Creating Passion Brands.
The course will be presented in Norwegian language, with English texted PowerPoint slides to introduce international app industry
wordings and strategic frameworks, and for including English spoken attendees.
If you want a course with English verbal presentation, send a request for it using the webform below!
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Campaign price: NOK 3.500,- per attendee excl. VAT.

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This course focus more in depth for concept & strategy development than course 1.

Course content:


    1. Why app strategies? How are strategies for digital startups different?
      1. What determines Value-centric & MVP focused concept development?
      2. What determines Value-centric innovation strategies?
      3. What can you learn from others typical failures to avoid the same exact failures?
      4. Q&A and discussions.
    2. 7-steps Value-centric app & SaaS concept development process:
      1. What is the core app startup idea? Vision & purpose? {First-Mover VS. Follower assessments. Advantages & disadvantages.}
      2. What challenge or problem are we trying to fix? {How will we solve it?}
      3. What innovative app/service features do we plan to deliver? {Radical or incremental innovations? Or a mix? Different approaches, provide different user-value, user perception and potential.}
      4. What are the user-value (Usefulness) and benefits that motivates the user to use the app? {Pains & Gains assessments.}
      5. Why and how is the app concept fresh or new? What is our Unique Value Proposition? {Value Proposition Canvas – Osterwalder.}
      6. Why and how is the app concept innovative? {Exploring innovation levels and complexity.}
      7. Why is it a market for our app? Planned brand image & position? {Do we target mass markets or niche markets?
      8. Q&A and discussions.
    3. Value-centric innovation strategies – How to value innovate your app or SaaS.
      1. What strategic direction to pursue? {Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) VS. Red Ocean strategy assessments.}
      2. BOS & First-Mover strategy: How can we create our own market space avoiding head-to-head competition?
      3. Red Ocean & Follower strategy: How can we create more user-value and benefits than existing players?
      4. How do we value innovate our app? {Product-Life-Cycle planning & feedback loop from target users.}
      5. Value-driven Business Model development {Business Model Canvas – Osterwalder & Pigneur}
      6. App cost & price strategies. {How and when do we achieve Break-Even-Point and start earning money?}
      7. App revenue models: Free, Paid, Freemium, subscriptions. {How to choose?}
      8. Q&A and discussions.
    4. How can we create competitive advantages in an overcrowded and flux marketplace? {Exploring Transient Advantages}
      1. How do we ensure user-driven innovations & feature planning? {Continuous Innovation Management}
      2. App marketing: {In-app ads, ad networks, digital marketing & branding}
      3. How to stand out in the crowd of app startups? What does investors ask for?
      4. Q&A and discussions.
      5. Kahoot: What have you learned today? Game on!


Location: Vingparken Konferansesenter. Høyda, Moss. Next date: Soon release! Time: 17.00 to 21.00.

4 hours {à 45 minutes + breaks with mingling.}

Course level: Adapted content for strategic thinking – before building anything.

Needed existing knowledge: Overview of the topics in course 1.
Course hand-outs: Included.

Foodie? You will early on get a tasty bite from the restaurant Ro.

Food & coffee included in the price.

Course leader: Rune Haugestad {Digital Innovation Strategist // Web & Apps}.

Rune has delivered many courses, WorkShops and key notes across 15 years.
He easily share the passion of aspiring app entrepreneurs, and like to create engagement and motivation for the attendees.
Rune holds a Master degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (2015), specialized within software development & Innovation Management,
and Master thesis theme within innovation strategies for apps and app startups.

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